Compliance Support

Complete Documentation

We provide complete and accurate product documentation as required by manufacturers including:

  • Nutritional statements
  • Allergen statements
  • Safety data sheets
  • Product specifications (customisable)
  • Market-specific product information statements

All documents can be provided in soft or hard copies.

Regulatory Support

Taste Master’s supports its customers by providing assistance in meeting the requirements of all major national, international and industry regulatory frameworks with respect to its flavours. (Kosher & Halal certifications coming soon)

Support for Audits

Many of our corporate customers conduct detailed annual audits of our production facilities and processes. Taste Master is committed to supporting customer audit requirements and is also committed to a process of continuous improvement, ensuring we are up to date with industry requirements.


R & D Support

Understanding your requirements

Our growth depends on the success of your products. Taste Master’s top priority is to understand your unique product requirements and provide the optimal flavour for each brief. In many cases our Flavour Applications Team can also provide samples of our flavour in the same or similar application to enable speedy evaluation and feedback.

Tailored Flavours

Our Application technologists and flavourists work together to optimise flavour profiles and performance according to the processing conditions and profile requirements of the target product. Based on feedback from your product trials, our flavourists fine-tune and resubmit flavours to ensure the desired taste, aroma and mouthfeel are achieved


We understand the sensitivity of details related to new product development and have a strong record of maintaining confidentiality of data shared by our customers. Taste Master enters into Non-Disclosure Agreements as required.


Purchasing Support


At Taste Master we understand that you need more than winning flavours at affordable prices. Accurate lead-times, on-time fulfilment and honest communication are as critical to your production planning as they are to ours.  Taste Master is committed to these 3 pillars, and strives always for customer satisfaction.

On-Time Fulfillment

Our supply chain and production teams are supported by robust technologies and processes. Taste Master’s ERP system reserves raw material quantities based on customer order projections so that purchasing maintains our stock levels to ensure timely order fulfilment.