Community (CSR)

We Care

At Taste Master we understand and embrace our corporate social responsibilities. As a company we are committed to reducing any negative impacts on our environment and making positive impacts on the lives of our employees, customers, suppliers and communities in which we operate.

We believe that a healthy community is one in which all people are provided with the necessities of life and are given the opportunity to develop and grow in society. To this end, Taste Master contributes monthly to the following projects which help to uplift disadvantaged members of the communities in which we operate:

Supported Projects

Since 2007 Taste Master has been supporting the NEW CREATION BRIDGE SCHOOL, which provides free pre-school education and nutrition support for the children of migrant labourers. These labourers contribute significantly to infrastructure development, but without small schools such as New Creation, their children spend their days on dangerous construction sites. This free pre-school program has helped many children from illiterate backgrounds to get started on the path to a better life through school preparation, educational play and better nutrition. Where possible, this program also assists illiterate parents to apply for RTE seats in nearby schools, and it has also helped numerous children with neglected health problems.

Taste Master has also been providing monthly financial support to the CARE SHELTER PUBLIC CHARITABLE TRUST since 2015. This trust provides shelter and care for physically and mentally challenged persons from all walks of life who would otherwise be destitute or living on the street.

CREATIVE FUTURES: Since August 2019 Taste Master has been providing monthly support to a wonderful organisation called Creative Futures. This organisation was established in 2013 to facilitate the process of helping youth from rural and urban backgrounds find employment, and create a network of resources to reduce unemployment. It was set up by talented IT professionals and its weekly programs have helped thousands of youth from Karnataka (including Malur) to become employment-ready by providing training in various skills including :

– Providing technology-based training and project experience.
– Providing soft-skills training and development.
– Providing exposure to business-enabled and corporate-enabled programs.
– Partner with corporate houses to enable employment.

NEW CREATION TRAINING CENTRE: This centre provides free computer and soft skills training to youth in the rural town of Kudiyanur, Malur district. Located in the same district as the Taste Master Flavours factory, the aim of the project is to support community development and reduce unemployment by providing youth with job-ready skills. This small centre is currently the only computer training centre available in this rural town.

As the company grows we look forward to supporting other beneficial community projects.